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iManage Products Offerings

Searching for a firm that can support,  implement and customize iManage solutions? Our proficient Services team has expertise in many industries, including legal, accounting, professional, and financial services. Depending on your company requirements, size, and budget, we can help you overcome implementation challenges.

Whether its minor enhancements to your existing solutions, or newly creating a global enterprise-wide solution, we have an engagement approach that will work for you.


How can we help you?

“If you want to address your information management and enterprise content requirements, we would be delighted to discuss what we can do to help. Why not call us today?

We provide end-to-end implementation support using our proven methodology for cloud and on-premises installations. We’ll confidently guide you through the process of designing, configuring, integrating with existing applications, and launching the solution.


Enforce Technology ensure our quality and unique advantages in the following ways.


Design Reviews: 

We perform architectural reviews  for existing iManage solutions and/or application to ensure your configuration matches our best practices.


We help upgrade your existing implementations to the latest versions so you can take advantage of the latest features, UI enhancements and performance improvements. Without disruptions you will be able to get better performance.


We offer best practice guides and quality review checkpoints to ensure you get the most value out of your existing implementations. Our reviews deliver comprehensive assessments that identify problems early, offer remedial actions and provide recommendations on application usage and configurations.


We have vast  experience and  tools to bring in critical data sets  from other repositories like document, record management systems and file shares into iManage solutions. Our approach ensures low risk and easily accessible migrated data within iManage.




  • Dedicated facility and infrastructure for the ODC at the offsite. Equipped with adequate data security etc.
  • Offshore will nurture and groom the team over a period of time as per requirements.
  • Exclusive Project Leader for each project will be designated as per client requirement.
  • ODC level dashboard to monitor project progress.
  • MPP, Basecamp, Mantis project management tools are used.
  • Trained resources are moved over to subsequent projects creating an expert pool.
  • A phased Recruitment and training process will create a balanced team over period of time.
  • Works like and extended team for the client.



  • Seamless flow of communication.
  • Lower production costs due to offshore advantage and efficient management.
  • Ramping up of resources effortlessly.
  • Access to trained and skilled manpower.
  • Fast turn-arounds.
  • Access to best practices.
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