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IBM Integration Bus (former WebSphere Message Broker) is IBM‘s integration broker from the WebSphere product family that allows business information to flow between different  applications across systems and applications.  Data flowing through the message broker can be moderated by applying rules to route the and transform the information.

The product is an Enterprise Service Bus supplying a communication channel between applications and services in a service-oriented architectureDepend upon Enforce to build solutions needed to support diverse integration requirements through a set of connectors to a range of data sources, including packaged applications, files, mobile devices, messaging systems, and databases.


Great advantage with IBM Integration Bus

  • It enables existing applications for Web Services without expensive legacy application rewrites.
  • IIB (IBM Integration Bus) avoids the point-to-point strain on development resources by connecting any application or service over multiple protocols, including SOAP, HTTP and JMS.

Modern secure authentication mechanisms, including the ability to perform actions on behalf of masquerading or delegate users, through MQ, HTTP and SOAP nodes are supported such as LDAP, X-AUTH, O-AUTH, and two-way SSL.  Using IBM® Integration Bus we provide clients  with rapid cycle times for businesses of all sizes, in all industries and on a range of platforms including cloud and System z®.


Enforce Technologies caters to the following integration requirements.

Healthcare integration: 

Improving efficiency and quality of care within healthcare IT environments, and with IBM Integration Bus Healthcare Pack, connect clinical applications with bedside medical devices.

Mobile integration :

IBM Integration Bus, coupled with IBM Worklight®, provides your mobile applications with secure access to your back-end systems.  Its also  robust and can scale to handle multiplying number of connections.

.NET integration :

IBM Integration Bus supports Microsoft and .NET integration. Simpler  integration of  Microsoft assets and  rest of  services, applications within small to mid-size or large departmental enterprises can be achieved.

Mergers and acquisitions:

IBM Integration Bus manages the flow of information across two distinct  IT infrastructures after a company merger.

We Use the inbuilt “Test Client” to achieve the testing of the message flows to give the best quality results. .




  • Dedicated facility and infrastructure for the ODC at the offsite. Equipped with adequate data security etc.
  • Offshore will nurture and groom the team over a period of time as per requirements.
  • Exclusive Project Leader for each project will be designated as per client requirement.
  • ODC level dashboard to monitor project progress.
  • MPP, Basecamp, Mantis project management tools are used.
  • Trained resources are moved over to subsequent projects creating an expert pool.
  • A phased Recruitment and training process will create a balanced team over period of time.
  • Works like and extended team for the client.



  • Seamless flow of communication.
  • Lower production costs due to offshore advantage and efficient management.
  • Ramping up of resources effortlessly.
  • Access to trained and skilled manpower.
  • Fast turn-arounds.
  • Access to best practices.
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