MIRTH Connect As Integration In Healthcare

Mirth Connect implementation for clinical EHR and EMR for Seamless, Scalable, and Supported Interoperability

Mirth Connect

With Digital technology trends and continuous changes,  connect to different medical devices secured, integration will be challenge in healthcare. To deliver better hospital management, connected patient care, electronic health data needs to flow across systems. With high challenges from providers to share data, non-standard and proprietary data formats, privacy and security requirements have made it impossible for disparate system to integrate seamless.

Vast medical data and healthcare messaging standards transformation, filter, routing for increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of application integration.


Why Enforce Technologies specialized in MIRTH Integration?

“Integrate different departments of your organization to smoothen operations.

  • Mirth Connect is a cross-platform interface engine used in the healthcare industry that enables the management of information using bi-directional sending of many types of messages. The primary use of this interface engine is in healthcare.
  • Mirth is a platform that connect various HIT systems to create faster, easier, more secure, and cost-effective interoperable mechanism for exchanging healthcare messages. Mirth is designed in a way that makes integration among healthcare system easy & fast as it accepts all the leading healthcare message standards like HL7, EDI, X12 etc.
  • Optimize interoperability capabilities with harmonious integration and advanced administration tools. Backed by 24/7 expert support, Mirth Connect by NextGen Healthcare Premium offers Enterprise Extensions that help drive affordable and effective health data exchange.
  • Achieve interoperability goals expediently and confidently with limitless licensing on interfaces, channels, and OEM licensing. Empower your organization to control resources, elevate performance, and essentially be deployment agnostic with a solution that natively supports all healthcare data standards and protocols.
  • Base Connectors Supports – TCP, MLLP, HTTP, FTP, DICOM, SOAP, SQL, JMS, File System
  • Fundamental Formats – XML, HL7 v 2.x and 3.X –CCD/CCDA FHIR, DICOM, NCPDP, X12, Delimited Text, Raw Binary, API along with web services: SOAP and REST

Our Unique Advantage

Enforce Technology ensure our quality and unique advantages in the following ways.

  • Direct interaction with developers for better conveyance of end user requirements.
  • Free 30-day maintenance support after deployment.
  • Subsequent feature addition pay-out based on actual man hours spent.
  • Across Geo developer support base that enables faster handling of local, legal and statutory requirements coupled with flexible on-site and off-shore development model.
  • End-to-End implementation program from design phase till adoption and user training.
  • Dedicated 24×7 support services for privileged customers.


A MIRTH Integration promises benefits that range from increased efficiency to transformation of quality, We support on productivity and profitability. We not only helps establish world-class business practices and bring transparency to the organization but also demands for empowerment and flexibility in the decision making process. Extensive experience in database support, maintenance and administration. Remote and on-site, disaster recovery tools and mechanisms is our added speciality.

Our Expertise

Enforce Technology offers well-defined services to assist our clients plan, develop and deploy solutions.

  • Professional and well experienced Integration Architects, Mirth Developers, greater agility and data modelers.
  • In-depth administration experience in External systems and Database Secured Integrations.
  • Building complete Integration solutions such as Hospital Management Systems, Pharma Group of Network, Medical device Communicaiton and workflow systems.
  • Assessment and planning, enterprise level deployment, upgrades from previous versions and maintenance.
  • Best experience in Mirth administration, Support services, High Availability , Disaster Recovery design, Performance tuning and Deployment Strategy.


When you move your workload to MIRTH Integration, enables stronger, fact-based decisions with robust, built-in analytics to help you achieve the highest profitability.  Customers, and suppliers, are now being forced to work more cooperatively, competitively, and collaborate within incorporated business communities. Information flows constantly and allows you to follow a client’s processes at any moment regardless of the part of the process they are engaged in.


Mirth Referential Solution Architecture

Mirth Case Studies – EMR/EHR, HIT Integration Experience


Client Need:

Clinical system modernization through industry standard EMRs and program management of the modernization effort involving multiple EHR vendors

Enforce Solution:

End-to end clinical system modernization

  • Analysis and design of future state process
  • Coordination with product vendors to define the capabilities of the new solution
  • Program mgmt. – Estimates, architecture
  • System integration and testing of industry leading EMRs and PMS

Key Client Benefits:

  • Unified solution by integrating the clinical systems (GE and Allscrpits)
  • Futuristic and scalable solution to support organization wide growth objectives
  • Reduce costs by optimizing processes


Client Need:

Client needed an EMR compliant with industry standards to enhance clinical workflow for better business outcomes and better alignment with health system partners

Enforce Solution:

A seamless implementation and continued support of the Epic EMR while addressing organizational readiness and change management

  • Vendor Selection Consulting
  • EPIC Implementation and testing
  • Post implementation support and Upgrades

Key Client Benefits:

  • A future proof scalable EMR platform to meet highly volatile industry need
  • Improved operational efficiency by process refinement and better alignments
  • Enriched patient experience
  • EMR Analytics – Reports and Dashboards
  • Organizational Change Management

Case 3 : HIE Implementation and Support for a leading Integrated Health System

Client Need:

Client wanted to Implement a  robust  and secured  technology infrastructure that will connect all  the health systems

Enforce Solution:

  • Analyze HL7 messages from different sources
  • Data validation of the transformed messages
  • Work on inbound and outbound CCDs with client specified requirements
  • Validate the clinical data in the  customized HealthShare provider portal  in the HIE  system after data is transformed in Ensemble
  • Production systems monitoring

Key Client Benefits:

  • Improved the quality of care and the patient experience
  • Comprehensive view of patient information
  • Streamlined and faster information flow
  • Faster and informed treatment decision-making


  • Utilize the best practices to conduct assessment of your requirements and presenting the strategies to meet them using our best Solutions.

  • Follow a disciplined and systemic approach in developing a scalable solution while ensuring desired ROI.

  • Involvement of stakeholders during discovery phase, constant communication throughout the project phase and extensive training.

  • Significant cost saving model of development with attention and quick responses to our clients’ needs.



  • Dedicated facility and infrastructure for the ODC at the offsite. Equipped with adequate data security etc.
  • Offshore will nurture and groom the team over a period of time as per requirements.
  • Exclusive Project Leader for each project will be designated as per client requirement.
  • ODC level dashboard to monitor project progress.
  • MPP, Basecamp, Mantis project management tools are used.
  • Trained resources are moved over to subsequent projects creating an expert pool.
  • A phased Recruitment and training process will create a balanced team over period of time.
  • Works like and extended team for the client.



  • Seamless flow of communication.
  • Lower production costs due to offshore advantage and efficient management.
  • Ramping up of resources effortlessly.
  • Access to trained and skilled manpower.
  • Fast turn-arounds.
  • Access to best practices.
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